How To Plan A Party

Most of the times you are required to a throw a party. Celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a retirement calls for a grand party. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting all the friends together at the same place. However, throwing a party is not that easy. With proper planning, right music and food, solid list of guests and a few other important things in mind, your party will surely be a hit among your friends and relatives. Some think-ahead tips that come directly from some of the best and the most experienced party planners will definitely help you in learning how to plan a party.

A lot of people are wondering about party planning. They always wonder about a theme, how many people should be invited, the food, and many other details. There are many things that can come to mind and might be misleading. Anyhow, party planning is a fun thing to do. That’s why those professional planners look like they’re having fun even though being under pressure. Maybe you even wonder if there’s actually a guide book on how to plan a party. Well, there are such books, but real party happens when it’s filled with fun and spontaneity.

Learning by Doing

Here’s the thing, when you ask how to plan a party, you should be focused on the person or occasion the party is for. Also, let go of thinking to have a perfect party. There’s no such thing as one. So don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself on this matter. What’s important is that you are having a great time and the party went without a hitch. It’s totally understandable if your first party planned turned out to be a disaster. Most important thing is the person you held the party for, and then come the budget. The snowball will have smoother roll afterwards.

Is It a Career Choice?

For more than two decades, the world has become accustomed to have professional party planner among them. Nowadays, they can go for both affordable and luxurious parties. Some planners even went as far as preparing a wake or funeral parties. So yes, it’s definitely a new career choice. If you think you have great organizational skill and able to persuade or lead people to do what you want them to do. This can be a great career for you. Join an established one to expand your connection and start making your name out there.

Okay, now start making a real list on guests and things you wanted to have at the party. It could be an activity list or small details on the food. That’s where you start. Get the bigger picture all laid ahead before start smoothing out the small details. It would be really great if you could balance everything out. However, don’t sweat the cynical remarks. Keep notes on things that got criticized and just do it better next time. These small comments could be your motivator for a greater party in the future.

Simple Planning

Planning an event or a party should not be intimidating and stressful. You must try and stay organized and start early as this can help you in planning, creating and hosting a memorable party with ease.

How To Plan A PartyGet Organized

You need to keep separate lists for everything that you need to plan for the party and keep the lists updated from time to time. You must have a master to-do list highlighting all the important tasks that need to be accomplished. You must also have a shopping list as this ensures that you do not forget any party supplies needed for the event. One of the most important lists that you need to keep is the guest list for tracking contact information and for making sure that not a single guest is missed out. The guest list will also help you in tracking RSVPs and dietary restrictions.

Come Up with a Theme for the Party

Milestones like holidays, anniversaries and birthdays can be celebrated in a more festive manner if you come up with a creative theme for such events. You must come up with a theme that sets the tone for the party. Try transforming your party space into a kind of south-of-the-border fiesta. You can do this by hiring a popular mariachi band and by serving the delights called margaritas. You can also choose to throw a party that is Great Gatsby inspired by featuring croquets in the garden area. There are endless possibilities for you to choose.

Sending the Invitations

Online invitations seem to be perfect for parties which are planned at the last minute. Even people who get these invitations accept them with open hearts. However, if you have planned your party since a very long time then sending mailed invitations is the best way of setting the perfect tone for the party. This helps the guests in building anticipation about the fun and the enjoyment in store. You can get hold of innumerable stationery companies dealing in well-designed and chic invitations online. You can also get creative by making your very own invitations by using some ideas available on the internet.

Go for a Self-Serve Party

If you are looking for a very simple yet creative drink service then try setting up a self-serve bar for the guests. This allows the guests to be their very own mixologists. You can set up a beautiful tray featuring a decanter, some festive mixes and two to three types of liquor. The guests can be allowed to have great fun by creating concoctions that suit their taste. You can welcome the guests with drinks on arrival. Do this by placing a decorative tray of sparkling water and champagne close to the entrance.

Kid’s Table is a Must

If you are having a family-friendly party or event, try setting up a separate section for the kids to enjoy and have fun. Cover a table with butcher paper and place a few bundles of pencils and pens for the kids to channel their creative and artistic side at the party. For the kids, you can serve cupcakes and other foods in bamboo plates as these are easy to handle and even environment-friendly.

Keep the Setting Simple

The setting for the party should be kept simple however it should also include a kind of modern twist. You must get natural elements for the party that mesh perfectly well with the party concept.